Sometime in the future, long after humanity has explored other solar systems, a group of astronauts have disappeared into the distant solar system Matema. They went out to investigate a mysterious radio signal, but never returned. Therefore, the player must bring friends and family in the Magellan spaceship and travel to find the missing expedition.

When they arrive, they immediately discover that Matema is not like any other solar system. The planets there have a mysterious energy field that means no computers work on the planet's surface. All calculation must therefore be done manually.

But the rescue team at Magellan is not alone! Aliens from across the galaxy have found their way to Matema and are in search of technology left behind by a lost people called the Zusites, who were known for their highly developed mathematical culture. Unfortunately, they have all left their calculations to advanced computers and artificial intelligence, so none of them are able to follow the clues or solve the Sussites' riddle.

Thus, humans are the only ones in the solar system to find out what has happened to the Zusites and their technology - and not least what it has to do with the lost expedition.

Play it. Learn it.

How can a child play computer games continuously for hours but still have trouble sitting still for five minutes on the school bench? Eduplaytion wants to further develop what makes children and young people become engrossed in video games, by combining play and games with learning and development.

Our vision is to develop short small games that present challenges and focus on problem solving and fun rather than learning. The learning process is a game in itself, and students must quickly understand, memorize, and test abstract rules that have logical consequences. The games are shaped on the basis of game design principles, which makes it as fun to learn math, English and science as playing any video game.

Space mountain with acid waterfalls and a planet behind it.

The learning process is the game in itself, and the player must quickly understand, memorize and test abstract rules that have logical consequences.

The challenges that must be solved in the game are presented in full by characters. The task itself creates major and visible changes in the game world. The players should not think about learning - just that they have fun! The goal is to capture the attention of the students by telling an engaging story with interactive characters in the lead roles.

Female scientist in a lab holding formulas.

The game transforms students into active participants in the learning process, gives them the opportunity to influence and control their surroundings, and allows for deep learning in a way that is both harmless and motivating. The gaming experience further contributes to attaching a meaningful context to the problems that make it far easier to understand than traditional classroom teaching.

The goal is to capture the attention of the students by telling an engaging story with interactive characters in the lead roles.

Eduplaytion stands for learning through play and mastery, and wants students to discover and understand the meaning and purpose of what they do.

Characters in the lab